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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The process of designing and creating your website and digital presence to attract search engines and your customers so that you show high up when people search for your products and services is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Driving converting traffic

SEO Projects - Ranking on Google

We do not approach SEO efforts in the same way at In The Eye Media. Rather than focusing on keywords, we begin by determining what you want your campaign to accomplish and then investigate the best strategy to reach those objectives. We undertake research to find out what terms and phrases people are using to find your services once we have a strong knowledge of the services you want to be found for. You will not be left out of this process; any discoveries we come up with will be discussed with you to ensure that your campaign meets your goals and targets the proper channels.

In The Eye Media - SEO Content

Our SEO Process Includes

Audit of a Website

To make your website crawl smoothly, our SEO professionals will examine key parts of your website and provide a detailed breakdown. Finding both on/off page issues and solutions is the first step in our SEO battle.

Keywords Research

We undertake thorough themed keyword research as a professional SEO service provider, keeping your marketing objectives in mind. We find keyword opportunities for your website to bring the most relevant and convertible traffic.

Creating and Optimising Content

We place a significant emphasis on developing actionable, high-quality SEO-friendly content for your website as your SEO experts. We have a team of expert content writers who do an excellent job.

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The heart of any SEO effort is on-page SEO. We select the most relevant semantic keywords and optimise your website for them.


We will provide you with detailed monthly updates on the growth of your website, which you may review. This will keep us in contact so that we may continue to consult on the process and approach.

Website Maintenance

Even after offering a comprehensive service, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and high-quality maintenance solution to maintain their websites competitively.

What to expect from our service

Optimisation of Conversion Rates

Most SEO firms concentrate on offering SEO services to help you rank your website for the keywords you’ve chosen and improve your website’s online traffic.

However, at In The Eye Media, we do not optimise your SEO campaign solely for the sake of increasing online traffic; instead, each SEO campaign is tailored to your company’s specific needs, ensuring that every visitor to your website converts. We will work hard to improve your conversion rate by targeting lengthy, highly relevant keywords with high transactional intent. That way, we will be able to generate material that is ideally tailored to meet your needs.

We know how to press the appropriate buttons to boost your company’s growth. Every month, we test each campaign to optimise the approach better and increase returns, sales, and conversions.