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Social Media Marketing

As social media has grown in popularity, the corporate sector has begun to believe that social media is the key to marketing success. On the other hand, successful social media marketing involves more than just posting on Facebook and requesting that your friends like your page. Social media may be a powerful tool for attracting new customers, but it must be well-targeted and go beyond the number of likes or followers you have.
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Organic Social Posts to Grow Your Audience

Organic social posts are free advertisements that are visible to those who follow your page. Organic content will become increasingly vital once you have started to expand your audience. The success you see from social media can be determined by how you use your organic postings. Nobody likes being sold to, so blogging solely about your products and services is unlikely to yield the results you desire. Instead, a combination of postings is needed to educate, inform, personalize, interact, and sell.

In The Eye Media - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms


Facebook hit 2.9 billion users at the beginning of 2021. It’s also free to sign up and create a business page and post! This platform is invaluable as the potential reach is limitless. It can be hard to grow an audience, to begin with, but consistency is key. We can help build your brand on Facebook using natural or organic methods.


LinkedIn hit 775 million users at the beginning of 2021. It’s the worlds largest professional platform user in 200+ countries worldwide. Again. it’s free to register and make use of the limitless potential for creating useful connections to expand your reach throughout the network. We’ll help create a marketing strategy on LinkedIn.


Instagram hit 1.08 billion users at the beginning of 2021. It’s a platform free to use that is great for business owners to share pictures and videos. As Facebook and Instagram integrate with each other, it’s useful to duplicate posts on Facebook to Instagram as this allows you to grow your audience on two platforms simultaneously.

Organic Vs Non-Organic Growth

Using Paid Social Ads to Grow Your Audience

Your social media profiles have no followers on day one, and while it may be tempting to chase the numbers, this is not always the greatest strategy. Only if you engage an audience who is likely to be interested in your services will your campaign succeed. That is why, when In The Eye Media creates social ads to help you expand your following, we target your ads to people who have related interests, job titles, and personal information.

The follow-up posts you write will be significantly more successful if you target your audience efficiently. You will end up with a network of brand supporters who will share your social media profiles with other similar minded people.